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WDIH 90.3 FM was a vision seeded in the hearts of Bishop George A. and Co-Pastor Susie M. Copeland. Their intense desire to create a venue for extensive communication of information and entertainment for the Community at large within Salisbury, Maryland and its surrounding areas, was manifested on June 16th, 1988.

The processes were accomplished through great faith in God, personal sacrifice and investment. Oft times these were greater than anyone would have imagined and definitely considered pursuing. However, they forged ahead with each proceeding because it was essential to them to ensure the “Communities” were privileged experience great Gospel Music, Powerful Preaching, and information which would literally build a foundation for change and advancement.

WDIH 90.3 FM has been the venue through which many local ministries have been gained exposure and acknowledgement in other areas of the state as well as local surroundings. To this end, they have increased in membership and association. The multiple messages of hope, health, healing and deliverance – whether they are presented by means of pulpit setting or talk shows – have been the means by which Men and Women have embraced life with great aspiration and hope.

Annually, WDIH 90.3 FM presents Holiday Shares, through the facilitation of its Co-Founder, Susie M. Copeland. Many families would be void of essentials during the holiday season without the opportunity of these events. Clothing, Toys, Food, and etc. are all prepared and readily await the arrival of those who need and desire. It continues to advance in both Maryland and Virginia.

WDIH 90.3 FM is proud to be the only 24 hour non-commercial Gospel Radio station on the Eastern Shore. Being a non-shared station, its continuance is sustained by the generous support of Local Businesses, its Listeners as well as its Broadcast Presenters.

As the Founders and Employees of WDIH 90.3 FM further advance their pursuit to present the very best in broadcasting programs to its “Listeners”, through the extended generosities of its supporters WDIH 90.3 FM will be able to accomplish its efforts of accomplishing it’s digital procession. WDIH 90.3 FM is the station where the “Gospel Just Sounds Better”.



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